September 2016 – LIFESPAN Youth Mailing

GENERATION TRUTH – All youth, college students and young adults, parents, teachers, principals, campus ministers, youth group leaders, pro-life group leaders, deacons, pastors and priests, and all others who work with young people

Happy Sept

You are receiving the Right to Life – LIFESPAN Youth Mailing with lots of fliers and pro-life information…much happens once school begins again!

  • Right to Life – LIFESPAN 2017 “Movement in Motion” Youth Bus Trip to Washington, DC in January – Registration begins September 1
  • Right to Life – LIFESPAN National Day of Remembrance – September 10
  • 40 Days for Life Kick-off – September 28
  • MI Nurses for Life Conference (subject is human trafficking in our state) – October 1
  • National LIFE CHAIN – Right to Life – LIFESPAN LIFE CHAINS in local areas – October 2
  • Students for Life of MI Activism/Training Conference – October 15 (perhaps group leaders from high schools, colleges, and churches would carpool to attend – IF YOU DO THIS, when you register, please let them know you saw the flier in the LIFESPAN mailing!)
  • Right to Life – LIFESPAN Pro-Life Luncheon (subject is how to protect yourself and your loved ones from euthanasia/assisted suicide) – October 2

One other thing to mention is that on Thursday, September 24th, it is National Pro-Life Chalk Day.  This year’s theme is “Women Betrayed”.  You can go online to to read about this activity and to RSVP to sign up for yourself, your Jr. High, High School and college groups (homeschoolers included)!  Examples are students from Aquinas College (Grand Rapids), Brother Rice High School, Central MI University, Farmington High School, Grand Rapids Community College, University of MI (Flint), and Lutheran South High School (Newport) have registered as well as some homeschool groups (not necessarily in MI) like Defenders of Life and Yellow Bird Christian Academy.  The only cost to participate in this event is the chalk!  : )  And, you don’t have to be as artistic as these examples below, but enjoy yourself in defending Human Life with your pro-life quotes and whatever artwork you create!

 Pic1    Pic2    Pic3   Pic4

I have sent you a video clip…it is about the March for Life event that takes place in Washington, DC every year commemorating the tragic decision of the US Supreme Court that allows the killing of unborn babies for all nine months of pregnancy for whatever reason – no restrictions apply at all.

In this video you will hear our current president talking about the tragedies that happen when guns take the lives of our children…It is ironic that these same words can be applied to the tragedies that happen when abortion takes the lives of our unborn children.

Please consider joining me as we March for the lives of unborn children in DC this January!  Information about the LIFESPAN 2017 “Movement in Motion” Youth Bus Trip is below.

A Nation Rises – March for Life

I have also added below many links to pro-life articles for further education (you can pass along to whoever else you want to share them with).

Thank you for your time in reading this email, posting fliers, sharing fliers through social media, and informing yourself on the various pro-life issues we are dealing with in our time.

You are part of the Pro-Life Generation – Generation Truth!  Please arm yourself with knowledge so you can speak up for those who cannot speak up for themselves because they are not born yet, or have been born with physical, emotional, mental challenges, or who are elderly and have been forgotten about.  Lack of respect for human life is reaching new lows in our country…we can make a difference, we can work together to bring respect for human life back to great heights in our families, in our schools and colleges, in our faith communities, and in our neighborhoods and cities!

Until next time…have a good month ahead and celebrate the gift of human life!

Lynn Gura, Youth Director

Right to Life – LIFESPAN


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