Youth Outreach June 2016

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Hello Friends of Life – Teens, Parents, Young Adults, Principals, Teachers, Youth Pastors/Directors, Deacons, Sisters, Pastors, Priests and all others who work with Young Peeps!

Hope your June is starting off very well!

I wanted to be sure to get this Youth Mailing out to you this week…I’ll send another in July after the 4th.  So, have a Happy 4th of July!

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Congratulations to all graduates from high school as well as college!  On behalf of LIFESPAN, we wish you the best as you move into the next phase of your lives!  Share the Pro-Life message to all you come into contact with in the future!  Stay brave and determined to end the death minded culture and keep growing the Culture of LIFE!  We are here if you need us for anything no matter if you stay in Michigan or go to another state!

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A very warm thank you to Emily and Paula Skwarek, Kasia Purzycka, Ryan and Mark Ledford, Catherine Pilarski, Maria and Tori Tenuta, George Whetstone, Anne Marie Morin, Anna, Maria and Monica Vitale, Andrew Reiff, Augustina Lucaj, and Gabrielle Massey for helping out at the annual LIFESPAN Celebration of Life fundraiser dinner in early May.  It wouldn’t have gone so well that evening if we didn’t have your assistance and dedication to doing a good job in whatever was asked of you that evening!  Volunteers are very important to LIFESPAN.  Anyone interested can let me know by e-mailing me at or calling 248-816-1546.  If e-mailing put in the subject line – YOUTH VOLUNTEER.  Thanks!

OM Chapter Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon 2016   

If you are going to Oakland University in the fall and want to know how to contact the Pro-Life group on campus to get involved with them, please e-mail me and put in the subject line – OU Students for Life.  I’ll put you in contact with them.  They are a very awesome group and get better each year! 

I had to redo the 2017 “Movement in Motion” Youth Bus Trip Flier because of some changes.  So, here is the latest.  Share with anyone you want to invite on the trip with you!  Registration forms will be ready by the end of August.  Let me know if you want to receive them by sending me an e-mail and put in the subject line – MARCH FOR LIFE.

Do you like LEGO’s?  Well did you hear about this?


Other Pro-Life News to share with you is below.  I categorized it for you.  You can read what you want and share with others in the ways that you communicate (Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler, etc.).

Until next time, take care and enjoy the month!


Lynn Gura, Youth Director

Right to Life – LIFESPAN

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Issues of Disability, End of Life, Euthanasia, New Movie About Assisted Suicide (see last two articles in this section – one is fiction  movie based on a book, one is real life true love between a young man and young woman):


Abandoned Babies/Abortions/Planned Parenthood/Choosing Life:

     Indiana installs nation’s first baby drop boxes to save abandoned newborns





Teens and College Students:


People/Religious Groups/TV – Pro-Life Messages:


March for Life:


Morally Acceptable Stem Cell Research: