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Goodbye July Hello August

     The times we are now living in the history of our country are the most dangerous against human life – in the womb and out of the womb, no matter what color of skin we are, no matter what religion we practice or church we go to or school we attend, no matter where our parents and/or grandparents came from, no matter what our ages or job status, etc. – we need to remember we are all Americans, created by God, and we must be committed like never before to stop the madness, division, disrespect, and civil disobedience to courageously stand up for human Life which, as we so clearly are witnessing, is being snuffed out at any moment for any reason each day. 

     Although Right to Life – LIFESPAN doesn’t endorse any candidates for any office, we hope all those who are 18 and older will evaluate the candidates on their positions and choose the ones who share your own values.  From the highest office of the country to all the offices in our states and cities, helping elect the men and women running for offices who respect Life is extremely critical in the present time and in the years to come – especially for our young people and their future children! LIFESPAN has a special edition of our Newsletter that is called “Candidate Survey” (Click here).  We ask candidates certain questions to find out where they stand on the Life issues.  We publish the results.  It is helpful when voting.  Please let me know if you would like a copy mailed to you – whether you are a young adult voting for the first time or an older adult voting again.  I will need your name, address and phone number.  Send me an email at and put in the subject line: CANDIDATE SURVEY.  For the presidential election, you can go to Susan B. Anthony, National Right to Life, and the candidates websites to find out their stand on the Life issues.   

     As a reminder, the registration will begin in September for the 2017 “Movement in Motion” Youth Bus Trip to DC in January!  If you are planning on going on the trip, please let me know by emailing me at and putting in the subject line “Youth Bus Trip”.  Please provide me with your name, email address, street address, phone number, and let me know if you are a student or adult as well as what school or church group you will be on the Youth Bus Trip with so I can keep track!  I’ll be sure to get the forms to you as soon as I have them done before the end of August.

     There are some things coming up in September and October that you can take part in with family members and/or friends.  There are also some articles I found interesting to send to you.   See the attached below – You can share any of this with anyone you want to invite.  Note: the last document which is an article indicates there are two pages at the top but in reality it is just one page.

NDR 2016 Flier

Life Chain 2016 Youth Letter

Life Chain 2016 Youth Form

Pro-Life Luncheon 2016

MNFL Conference 2016 Flier

StandUpGirl Article

Republican Platform Article

Black Lives Matter and Abortion Article



I have shared some sites below you can click on to read the latest Pro-Life news.

Until next time…keep on defending all lives from conception till natural death!  We all have a very special purpose to fulfill!

Lynn Gura, Youth Director

Right to Life – LIFESPAN


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Past Marchers for Life and future Marchers for Life…check this out – some words from Jeannie Mancini, President of the March for Life here in the United States (these were taken from a message she sent to me and all those on her email list).

March For Life

Did you know that the March for Life in Washington, D.C. has inspired a worldwide movement?

Since the March for Life began in 1974 in the Nation’s Capital, hundreds of thousands of people have participated in these peaceful demonstrations which are a celebration of life around the globe.

Recently, marches were held in Ottawa and Victoria, Canada; Birmingham, United Kingdom; Prague; Rome; Brussels; Lima, Peru; and in over 40 cities across Colombia!









The March for Life – in ANY country – is culture-changing because of the profound truth about life and the inherent dignity of the human person we uphold, often against a negative cultural backdrop. The sheer number of pro-lifers at these events is a witness to those who are confused about the beauty and gift of life! Plus, participants experience solidarity and hope which are so necessary for working against this most critical human rights abuse.


Watch this inspiring video: The March for Life Around the World

You can play an integral role in this worldwide movement to protect life.
Here at the March for Life Education and Defense Fund we are already busy planning for the 2017 March for Life

As the push for abortion and euthanasia increases around the world, we must lead the charge in building a culture of life. Thank you for investing in this cause – it is truly one of life and death!

For Life,

Jeanne Mancini
March for Life Education and Defense Fund




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Major embryonic stem cell biotech company going out of business