Fetal Abuse: Right to Life – LIFESPAN Policy Statement

Adopted April 15, 1992

An avalanche of fetal experiments began worldwide with permissive abortion laws. Now, since Roe v. Wade, such experiments go on all over the United States. They appear to be a spin-off of the abortion industry with abortion mill operators acting as middle men in the sale of human tissue. In fact, in the words of Dr. Bernard Nathanson, former abortionist turned pro-lifer, “unborn children have become a cash crop.” [1]

Right to Life – LIFESPAN has no objections to the use of fetuses obtained from miscarriage, ectopic or spontaneous abortions, but the practical problem is that, in order to be effective for Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s, the tissue must be “fresh” so that it may grow in the brain of the patient. This increases the demand for aborted babies rather than those taken in miscarriage or spontaneous abortions, and deepens the fear that live fetuses will be used; that, and the fact that brain death in fetuses is quite difficult to judge.

The scientific and professional communities have been vocal supporters of the transplants and experimentation mentioned above. We hear semantic tricks like the words “conceptus” or “blob of protoplasm” to cloak the realities, but it is precisely the preborn’s humanity that is making him or her such an attractive laboratory specimen.

“In this age, more than ever before, science is too serious a business to be left to scientists. It requires policemen with an awareness of both ethical and environmental dangers.” [2]

     [1] Bernard Nathanson, M.D. “The 700 Club,” Show #47-88.

     [2] London Times, April 18, 1988