Embryonic Stem Cell Research & Human Cloning: Right to Life – LIFESPAN Policy Statement

Adopted March 17, 2008

Right to Life – LIFESPAN encourages research on legal, ethical, non-destructive adult stem cell therapies and supports a ban on all human cloning for reproductive purposes as well as cloning of human embryos that are created and then killed for research.

Right to Life – LIFESPAN applauds the work of researchers who use life-giving, life-affirming adult stem cells and whose work has resulted in the treatment and/or cures of a growing list of human conditions or diseases. (Adult stem cells are any stem cells that come from non-embryonic sources such as skin, fat, umbilical cords, placentas and other tissues).

Right to Life – LIFESPAN opposes the use of human embryos, their stem cells, or any other part of their substance, as raw material for research purposes, no matter how they are obtained or the level or stage of development of the embryo. To date, such research has resulted in no treatments or cures for any human condition or disease and has resulted in the deaths of countless human lives in their embryonic stage.