Civil Disobedience: Right to Life – LIFESPAN Policy Statement


Adopted January 11, 1989; Amended August 15, 1989; Amended March 18, 2002

The movement to support human life and to oppose abortion involves a great diversity of individuals and organizations with each contributing in different ways towards the goal of protecting the preborn child.

Right to Life – LIFESPAN, as a non-profit corporation, has decided through years of planning to focus its energies and resources on education and promotion of pro-life legislation to achieve our goals. We have chosen, as a corporation, not to be involved in civil disobedience as a means of advancing these goals.

Right to Life – LIFESPAN reaffirms it’s dedication to educational and legislative efforts to protect the preborn child and rejects any participation in civil disobedience.

The Board of Right to Life – LIFESPAN must be particularly concerned with the potential liability of the organization in the event of lawsuits surrounding civil disobedience activities. For this reason, it is essential that Right to Life – LIFESPAN and its members avoid any involvement whatsoever of the organization in any of the following activities:

  1. Use of the Right to Life – LIFESPAN name or designation of individual participants in civil disobedience activities as members or leaders of Right to Life – LIFESPAN.
  2. Participation in or support for civil disobedience activities as Right to Life – LIFESPAN representatives.
  3. Raising money as Right to Life – LIFESPAN representatives or providing Right to Life – LIFESPAN funds or assistance to any group involved in civil disobedience.
  4. Use of Right to Life – LIFESPAN membership or mailing lists for any activity involving groups participating in civil disobedience activities.

These policies do not preclude any individual from acting on the basis of his or her own conscience.