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Topics Covered:
Abortion | Adoption | Death and Dying | Ethics and Technology | Family Planning | Hospice and Pain Management | Prenatal Issues



P.A. 182 of 2013
The Abortion Insurance Opt-Out Act
Removes built-in abortion coverage from insurance policies and requires optional rider for abortion insurance.

P.A. 499 of 2012
Prolife Omnibus Act
Reforms Michigan abortion industry practices.

P.A. 168 of 2011
P.A. 169 of 2011
Partial-birth Abortion Ban Act
Bans the performance of a partial-birth abortion in Michigan.

H.B. 4406 of 2009
Abortion Reporting—Hispanic Ethnicity
Amends the Abortion Reporting Act of 1978 to include Hispanic ethnicity on abortion reporting forms beginning January 1, 2011. MCL 333.2835

H.B. 4446 of 2006
Ultrasound Viewing Option
This law requires the abortion provider to present the pregnant woman with the opportunity to view the active ultrasound image of her growing baby as well as offer her a picture of that ultrasound image. MCL 333.17015

P.A. 135 of 2004
Legal Birth Definition Act
Creates a boundary for abortion by declaring birth to be “at the point where any portion of a child is vaginally delivered outside the mother’s body.” The law could effectively ban partial-birth abortion. MCL 333.1081-333.1085. Ruled unconstitutional in Northland Family Planning v. Cox.

P.A.500 of 2004
Pregnant and Parenting Student Services Act
A funding initiative that would provide grants for institutions of higher education to create an on-campus office that provides pregnant and parenting students with information about resources available in regards to their needs, to help students carry their baby to term while completing their college degree. MCL 390.1592-390.1596

H.B. 5994 of 2002
Born Alive Infant Protection
Prescribes responsibilities and procedures in regard to a newborn whose live birth results from an abortion. MCL 333.1071-1073.

H.B. 5995 of 2002
Born Alive Infant Protection
Amends Safe Delivery of Newborns Act to ensure those provisions apply when a child is surrendered under Born Alive Infant Protection Act; establishes duties of emergency service provider and rights of parents. MCL 712.3.

H.B. 5996 of 2002
Born Alive Infant Protection
Creates punishment for compliance failure; creates immunity for the mother. MCL 750.135.

H.B. 5997 of 2002
Born Alive Infant Protection
Amends the Child Protection Law to state that parents surrendering under the Born Alive Infant Protection Act are not guilty of abuse and neglect. MCL 722.628.

H.B. 5998 of 2002
Born Alive Infant Protection
Requires completion of birth and, when necessary, death certificates; ensures confidentiality of the records for the parents and the newborn. MCL 333.2822, 2843.

H.B. 5971 of 2002
Abortion Prepayment Prohibition
Prohibits abortionists from collecting payment for the abortion services prior to the passage of the 24-hour waiting period. MCL 333.16299, 17014, & 17015.

S.B. 1170 of 2000
Wrongful Birth
Prevents parents from suing the doctor for not detecting fetal abnormalities, for if they had known – they would have aborted. MCL 600.2971.

H.B. 5548 of 2000
Informed Consent Revision
Closes a number of loopholes in the original law. MCL 333.17015.

H.B. 4599 of 1999
Clinic Regulations
Requires abortion facilities that do a high-volume business be inspected for health conditions. MCL 333.20115, 22224, & 20104.

H.B. 4600 of 1999
Abortion Complications Reporting
Requires any physician treating a woman for a complication from an abortion to report the complications. MCL 333.2835.

H.B. 4601 of 1999
Abortion Complications Reporting
Requires the Department of Community Health to establish rules for all physicians to report abortion complications. MCL 333.2837.

S.B. 546 of 1999
Infant Protection Act
Prohibits killing a partially born child. MCL 750.90g. Ruled unconstitutional in WomanCare of Southfield, P.C. v. Granholm, 143 F. Supp. 2d 849 (E.D. Mich.2001).

S.B. 366 of 1999
Abortion Coverage for State Employees
Prohibits health care coverage for state employees or dependents for abortion services. Sec. 215.

H.B. 5595 of 1998
Abortion Coverage for State Employees
Prohibits funding for coverage for state employees or dependents for abortion services wherever those services aren’t required by civil service or collective bargaining agreement. Sec. 210.

S.B. 907 of 1998
Abortion Coverage for State Employees
Prohibits community colleges from using funds to provide health care coverage for college employees or dependents for abortion services. Sec. 226.

H.B. 4310 of 1997
Abortion Coverage for State Employees
Prohibits funding for health care coverage for district or intermediate district employees or dependents for abortion services. Sec. 166.

H.B. 5889 of 1996
Partial-Birth Abortion Prohibition
Prohibits partial birth abortion. MCL 333.17016, 17516. Ruled unconstitutional in Evans v. Kelley.

H.B. 5458 of 1996
Medicaid Abortion Coverage
Prohibits the practice of unbundling services related to performance of abortion so as to be covered by Medicaid insurance. MCL 400.109d,e.

S.B. 384 of 1993
Informed Consent for Abortion
Requires abortionists to provide women with information about risks of abortion, alternatives, and fetal development; creates 24-hour waiting period. MCL 333.17015 & 333.17515.

P.A. 211 of 1990
Parental Consent
Requires parental consent for a minor to obtain an abortion; creates judicial bypass process; initiative petition. MCL 722.901-908.

P.A. 59 of 1987
Medicaid Abortion Coverage
Bans Medicaid funded abortions; initiative petition. MCL 400.109a.

P.A. 368 of 1978
Conscience Clause for Abortion
Protects hospitals, clinics, institutions, or other health facilities from prosecution or lawsuit if they refuse to perform or aid in abortion. MCL 333.20181-20184, 20199.

P.A. 368 of 1978
Abortion Reporting Requirement
Requires physicians to submit a report to the state department of community health within 7 days of performing an abortion. MCL 333.2835.

P.A. 451 of 1976
P.A. 94 of 1979
Public School Policies
rohibits public school employees from dispensing family planning drugs or devices or teaching abortion as a method of family planning. State School Aid Act (MCL 380.1507). Fine school districts if an employee dispenses contraceptives or refers a student for abortion. Annual budget bill. MCL 388.1766.

P.A. 258 of 1974
Guardian Status for Authorizing Abortion
A guardian cannot be held liable for civil damages when authorizing medical treatment for his or her ward. Abortion is defined as an “extraordinary procedure” requiring the guardian to have increased prior authorization, as distinguished from “routine or emergency medical treatment.” MCL 330.1629.

Proposal B of 1972
Abortion Legalization Proposal
A ballot proposal that would have legalized abortion during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. Failed.

CH.153 of 1846
Abortion Ban
Prohibits abortion by inducing miscarriage. MCL750.14 & 750.15.

P.A. 328 of 1931
Manslaughter of “Quick” Child
Makes it a manslaughter crime to kill intentionally a “quick” (when movement can be felt) child in utero, either by injury to the mother, administering drugs, or use of an instrument. MCL 750.322-323.



H.B. 1292 of 2006
Safe Delivery of Newborns Revision
This bill enhances the original Safe Delivery Act by expanding the emergency services providers, attempts to speed up the time between surrender and placement of the newborn, increases confidentiality and clarifies termination rights of the surrendering parent. MCL 712.1, 2a, 3, 7, 10, 11, 15, & 17.

H.B.4812 of 2000
Adoption Tax Credit
Allows for a one time Michigan State tax credit to help defray the cost of adoption. MCL 206.268.

H.B. 4852 of 2000
Adoption Tax Credit
Allows for a one time Michigan State tax credit. MCL 206.267.

S.B. 1052 of 2000
“Safe Delivery” for Newborns
Allows infants under 72 hours old to be surrendered at a hospital, police or fire station. MCL 712A.19b.

S.B. 1053 of 2000
“Safe Delivery” for Newborns
Creates immunity for the surrendering mother. MCL 750.135.

S.B. 1187 of 2000
“Safe Delivery” for Newborns
Establishes reporting requirements. MCL 722.628.

H.B. 5543 of 2000
“Safe Delivery” for Newborns
Requires the Department of Community Health to establish a Safe Delivery program and all the necessary information. MCL 710.21-712A.32.



S.B. 165 of 2013
Good Faith Medical Act
Requires hospitals to provide futile care policies upon request. 

S.B. 200 of 1998
Assisted Suicide Ban
Prohibits assisted suicide. MCL 750.329a.

S.B. 1102 of 1996
Dignified Death Act
Establishes provisions that define means for a dignified death. MCL 333.5651-5661, 16221.

S.B. 452 of 1993 (as amended)
Provides for the execution of a do-not-resuscitate order for a patient outside a hospital, nursing home, or mental health facility. MCL 333.1051-1067.

P.A. 90 of 1992
Determination of Death Act
Establishes the medical standards to be used to determine when an individual can legally be pronounced dead. MCL 333.1033.

H.B. 4016 of 1990
Durable Power of Attorney
Allows an adult to designate a patient advocate. MCL 700.5506-5512.



H.B. 6291 of 2006
Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cell Banks
Creates a statewide public network of cord blood stem cell banks to provide safe, quality adult stem cells for use in transplants, therapies and research. MCL 333.2682.

H.B. 6293 of 2006
Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cell Banks
Requires the department to develop and promote educational materials on the uses of cord blood stem cells, benefits of donating and storing cord blood. MCL 333.2683.

H.B. 6295 of 2006
Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cell Banks
Revise the definition of “life science” to include umbilical cord blood research. MCL 125.2088a.

S.B. 1353 of 2006
Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cell Banks
Definitions. MCL 333.2681.

S.B. 1354 of 2006
Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cell Banks
Requires the department to promote educational avenues on the uses of cord blood. MCL 333.2683a.

S.B. 381 of 1999
Organ Harvesting Ban
Regulates human organ transplantation, implantation, infusion, or injection surgery. MCL 333.10205.

H.B. 4025 of 1999
Organ Harvesting Ban
Prohibits sale of a human organ. MCL 333.10204.

S.B. 864 of 1998
Human Cloning Ban
Prohibits human cloning by a licensed medical practitioner or any other individual within a licensed medical facility. MCL 333.16274 & 333.20197.

H.B. 4846 of 1998
Human Cloning Ban
Prescribes civil penalties for human cloning to be levied by the MI Dept. of Community Health. MCL 333.16275.

H.B. 4962 of 1998
Human Cloning Ban
Prohibits any individual from engaging in or attempting to engage in human cloning. MCL 750.430a.

H.B. 5475 of 1998
Human Cloning Funding
Prohibits the expenditure of state funds for human cloning. MCL 333.26401-26406.

P.A. 368 of 1978
Embryo and Fetal Research Laws
Prohibits using a live embryo or fetus for research purposes not designed to improve the health of the research subject; prohibits performing an abortion with the intent to use the fetus for research purposes. MCL 333.2685-2692.



H.B. 4655 of 2002
Separating Abortion and Family Planning Funding
Prioritizes family planning funds away from abortion providing organizations. MCL 333.1091.

H.B. 4708 of 1984
Consent of Minors
Regulates the consent of minors to provision of prenatal and pregnancy related health care. MCL 333.9132.

P.A. 368 of 1978
Family Planning Publication
Requires local health departments to publicize the places where family planning services are available; abortion will not be considered a method of family planning. MCL 333.9131.



H.B. 5148 of 2001
End of Life Care
Driver’s licenses can have sticker or decal with emergency info; stickers may be paid for by any group. MCL 257.310.

H.B. 5255 of 2001
End of Life Care
Hospitals notify patients, upon their request, that hospice care available in area. MCL 333.21534.

H.B. 5258 of 2001
End of Life Care
Disclosure of pain management to certain patients; eliminate “terminal illness” in Dignified Death Act within Public Health Code. MCL 333.5652-5655.

H.B. 5259 of 2001
End of Life Care
Amends Hospital Patients Rights Law by assuring patients in hospitals entitled to Pain & Symptom services and information about hospices in area. MCL 333.20201.

H.B. 5260 of 2001
End of Life Care
Repeals Official Prescription Program(OPP); Replaces OPP with electronic system; OK to fax or email Rxs; patient info not accessible through Freedom of Information Act; Consumer Industry Services may study design of paper form that minimizes potential for forgery, report by October 2002. MCL 333.7333-7333a.

H.B. 5261 of 2001
End of Life Care
Eliminates OPP fund and replaces with Pain Management Education and Controlled Substances Antidiversion Fund, and creates the Controlled Substances Electronic Monitoring Fund. MCL 333.16315.

H.B. 5262 of 2001
End of Life Care
Allows e-fax transfer of Schedule II prescriptions; updates definitions in Rx section. MCL 333.7104, 7107, 7109.

H.B. 5263 of 2001
End of Life Care
Eliminates the phrase “intractable pain” in Public Health Code; updates Advisory Committee on Pain and Symptom Management. MCL 333.16204a.

S.B. 660 of 2001
End of Life Care
Eliminates the phrase “intractable pain” and revises to “pain and symptom management” in the Public Health Code. MCL 333.16204b-d.

S.B. 661 of 2001
End of Life Care
Eliminates the phrase “intractable pain” and revises to “pain and symptom management” in the Blue Cross Blue Shield statute. MCL 550.1402a.

S.B. 662 of 2001
End of Life Care
Eliminates the phrase “intractable pain” and revises to “pain and symptom management” in the State Insurance Code. MCL 500.2212a.

S.B. 781 of 2001
End of Life Care
Amends Dignified Death Act in the Public Health Code by eliminating language referring to a 6-month life expectancy; now uses phrase “advanced illness.” MCL 333.5656-5660.

S.B. 826 of 2001
End of Life Care
Requires nursing homes to notify patients and certain other persons of the availability or not of hospice in that facility, in services contract. MCL 333.21766.

S.B. 827 of 2001
End of Life Care
Deletes references to the OPP and Rx form in the Public Health Code; establishes electronic reporting system to replace the OPP. MCL 333.7401, 7403, 7407, 7521.

S.B. 828 of 2001
End of Life Care
State ID cards may have a sticker or decal that designates the person has a do-not-resuscitate order, durable power of attorney for health care or designated patient advocate. MCL 28.292.

H.B. 4681 of 1998
End of Life Care Commission
Creates a Michigan advisory committee on pain and symptom management, consisting of physicians, a psychologist, a nurse, and a representative of the general public. MCL 333.16204a.

H.B. 4682 of 1998
Pain Management Education
Provides more and better information to health care consumers on pain management. MCL 333.16204b.

H.B. 4683 of 1998
Controlled Substances Regulation
Regulates the use of controlled substances in pain management. MCL 333.16204c-d & 16228.

H.B. 4684 of 1998
Insurance Coverage for Pain Management
Regulates insurance coverage of substances used in pain management. Insurers must provide a written form to subscribers upon enrollment that describes the terms and conditions of the organization’s contract, with an accurate description of the covered benefits. Creates an incentive for insurance companies to include treatment for intractable pain at facilities which offer comprehensive pain management programs. MCL 500.2212a.

H.B. 4685 of 1998
Insurance Coverage for Pain Management
Regulates insurance coverage of pain management substances. A health maintenance organization must provide a written form to subscribers upon enrollment that describes the terms and conditions of the organization’s contract, with an accurate description
of the covered benefits. MCL 333.21052.

H.B. 4686 of 1998
Pain Management
Requires health care corporations to provide a form describing the terms and conditions of the corporation’s certificate. MCL 550.1402a.

H.B. 5491 of 1996
Residential Hospice Licensor
Defines hospice care and provides for the licensing and regulation of hospice care facilities. MCL 333.20106.

S.B. 961 of 1994
Pain Management
Creates an advisory board on pain and symptom management. MCL 333.16204a.

S.B. 962 of 1994
Hospice Insurance Coverage
Requires insurers to offer coverage for hospice care. MCL 500.3406c, 3615.

H.B. 5335 of 1994
License Renewal
Regulates medical licensing and requires completion of hours or courses in pain management. MCL 333.16431, 17033, 17431, 17533, 17731, 18033, 18233.

H.B. 5337 of 1994
Hospice Insurance Coverage
Requires health care corporations to offer coverage for hospice care. MCL 550.1417.



S.B. 1176 of 2006
Stillborn Child Tax Credit
Allows one-time dependent child tax credit for a stillborn child after 20 weeks gestation during the year of the stillbirth. MCL 206.275.

H.B. 4777 of 2005
Wrongful Death Act Revision
Clarifies that civil lawsuits can be brought for causing the death of an unborn child prior to viability under the Wrongful Death Act. MCL 600.2922, 600.2922a.

S.B. 1323 of 2002
Stillbirth Certificate
Creates a certificate of stillbirth; includes stillbirths in vital statistic records; an amendment requires race be included in abortion reporting. MCL 333.2803, 2834-5, 2848, 2888, 20161.

S.B. 346 of 2002
Prenatal Protection Revision
Civil law; clarifies that crimes resulting in the death of an embryo or fetus by causing death to the mother are felonies. MCL 600.2922a.

S.B. 71 of 2001
Prenatal Protection Revision
Criminal law; Clarifies that crimes resulting in the death of an embryo or fetus by causing death to the mother are felonies. MCL 750.90a-e.

S.B. 21 of 1998
Prenatal Protection Act
Makes crimes that intentionally or unintentionally harm an embryo or fetus a felony. MCL 750.90a-f.

H.B. 4524 of 1998
Wrongful death
Allows wrongful death suits for causing death of fetus. MCL 600.2922a. MCL 700.1403, 700.7303-7305. (P.A. 386 of 1998)

Court Appointed Guardian for Unborn
Enables the court to appoint a guardian ad litem to represent the beneficiary interests of an “unborn person,” or allow a person with an interest identical to the unborn child to represent the unborn child in court proceedings. MCL 700.1403, 700.7303-7305.

P.A. 368 of 1978
Final Disposition of Dead Fetus
Requires parental authorization for final disposition; enables parent(s) to obtain remains for burial, irrespective of the duration of pregnancy. MCL 333.2848 sec 2 & 333.2850.

P.A. 189 of 1966
Search Warrants
Creates standards for evidence that can be obtained with a search warrant for cases involving a born or unborn dead child. MCL 780.652a.


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