Right to Life – LIFESPAN Educational Fund

Human values form and develop through education. Many years ago, the Right to Life – LIFESPAN Educational Fund, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, was created in order to educate and inform the public on life issues and help mothers in need. It offers a broad range of information to help people make informed, life-affirming decisions. The topics The Educational Fund covers include abortion, euthanasia, stem-cells research, adoption, abstinence/purity and other life issues.

Information and resources for individuals and groups are available from Right to Life – LIFESPAN Educational Fund in a variety of ways:

  1. Educational Materials (brochures, books, and other materials) are available at our two Chapter Offices. These materials have been used by students in Metro Detroit in their research for school projects; by those of our members who work with Pregnancy Help Centers and mothers who are contemplating abortion; and by our staff to allow us to be educated when we receive calls at our offices from the media and others.
  2. Events, like Fair Booths, our Annual Baby Shower to support Pregnancy Help Center, Making Abortion Unthinkable Seminars, the Annual Life Chain and the 2000 Crosses Display, allow us to educate the public and help mothers who are in crisis.
  3. Wee Care Outreach Program: Over 20 years ago, LIFESPAN realized that there were many women out there that decided to reject abortion and give their babies a chance at life, but they were struggling to even clothe their young baby. Right to Life – LIFESPAN Educational Fund’s Wee Care Outreach Program provides infant clothing, blankets, diapers and so much more, on an emergency basis. This Program enables us to provide material help to women and the babies when their needs cannot be met by other organizations or public agencies. Wee Care also provides the mother with information regarding the development of the preborn baby and the care of the newborn infant. On an annual basis, over 600 families are lovingly helped by our Wee Care Program. All of the items Wee Care gives to these mothers are all donated by our wonderful supporters, though our Annual Baby Shower, Baby Bottle Drives, Giving Trees, and other events. See the Wee Care Page for more information.
  4. Youth Outreach Program: Started in 2003, our Youth Outreach Program has grown from 55 contacts to over 1,700 by March of 2015. Our youth work with LIFESPAN through Volunteering and participating in LIFESPAN events like our “Jeopardy for Life” Game Show and the “Movement in Motion” Bus Trip to the March for Life in Washington DC each January. Youth Mailings are sent periodically throughout the year, with relevant information for each student. See the Youth Outreach Page for more information.