September 16, 2015

Hello, Everyone!

We have had a staff change at the Wayne County Chapter of LIFESPAN. John is no longer with our office. Anne Marie Morin was a volunteer for the Oakland/Macomb Chapter Office and now we are very fortunate to have her working in our office. Please be sure to welcome her to the LIFESPAN family when you call or stop in!

Enclosed you will find the October Church Notes and all of the accompanying fliers to advertise upcoming LIFESPAN events. Please post these fliers wherever possible and bring them to the attention of your pastor, youth group coordinators and pro-life groups.

UPCOMING EVENTS, we hope that you can attend some, if not all:

  • The 2016 Entertainment Books have arrived! Unfortunately, we have run out of the complimentary 2016 E-Books (although, I am trying to finagle some additional copies), but the great news is that the price is decreased from last year to $30 per set. Each set includes the 2016 E-Book and 2016 Premier Dining Book. If you have a smartphone, you can get additional savings. If your church would be willing to take 10 sets of books to sell on consignment, it would really help us.
  • CIDER Walk will be happening on Sept. 27th at the Starr Jaycee Park on 13 Mile Rd. in Royal Oak (one block east of Crooks on 13 Mile Rd.). Please join us for a couple of hours (1:30-3:30PM) and raise money for things such as keeping our youth engaged in the pro-life movement and helping needy moms and their babies through Wee Care.
  • Michigan Nurses for Life is hosting their annual conference on Saturday, Sept. 26th. The topic this year is “First Do No Harm”: The Threat of Physician Assisted Suicide as End of Life Care. For more info, go to:
  • LIFE Chain is on the first Sunday of October and helps to spread awareness in our own communities about the majority of pro-life people. Change hearts and minds by simply taking some time out of your Sunday and holding a sign. Be sure to get your parish registered early, so that your church’s name will be on all of the advertisements!
  • LIFESPAN Christmas Cards are going to be going on sale soon! Please find a weekend or two (or more!) to offer our cards to your faith community. If you have never done this before, please consider giving it a try. There is no cost to your faith community; all cards come to you “on consignment”. It requires a few volunteers from your Respect Life committees, a couple of announcements in your church papers and one or two weekends after services. We need everyone’s help as this is one of our biggest fundraisers.
  • LIFESPAN $10,000 Raffle: Tickets are on sale NOW and will be sold until our Annual Dinner in May 2016. Only 500 tickets will be sold!

Thank you for all you are doing to spread the pro-life message! We truly enjoy working with all of you!

Yours in LIFE,

Eileen Brandt

Director, Wayne County/Downriver Chapter

 Files included in this mailing:

10-15 WC 1 Church Notes October 2015 PDF

10-15 WC 1 Church Notes October 2015 Word

10-15 WC 2 EB Postcard August 2016

10-15 WC 3 2016 Bus Trip Flier 080515

10-15 WC 4 Christmas Card Advertisement 2015

10-15 WC 5 2016 10K Raffle Color 062615

10-15 WC 6 L4L 2015 Flier 090915