April 16, 2015

Dear Pastors, Youth Leaders and Church Representatives:

It is so hard to believe that the fifth month of the year is just around the corner!  We have so many things to be thankful for, but YOU and your commitment are one of the biggest things that we give thanks for!

Enclosed you will find the May Church Notes, an invitation to our Annual “Celebration of Life” Dinner & Silent Auction, fliers about Mother’s Day flowers and Jeopardy for Life information.  Please post these fliers wherever possible and bring it to the attention of your pastor, youth group coordinators, pro-life groups and any other interested parties.

Thank you so much to everyone who was able to attend the Church Rep. Meeting on April 12th.  Everyone seemed to really enjoy getting together, getting and sharing information and enjoying the amazing food!  Our next Church Rep. Meeting will be on October 18th, at 3:30PM, at St. Rafka Church in Livonia.  Be sure to save the date!

Have you renewed your membership with LIFESPAN?  We would love to be able to say that 100% of our Church Reps have shown their commitment to the pro-life movement, by supporting LIFESPAN through membership.

 UPCOMING EVENTS: we hope that you can participate in some, if not all:

  • Tuesday, May 5thCelebration of Life Annual Dinner at San Marino Club in Troy.  Join us in celebrating the 45 years that LIFESPAN has been working to protect innocent human life from conception until natural death!  Send in your RSVP, today!  Ask your pastor if they would like to sponsor a table for your church!  It will be a great event, including a silent auction with some AMAZING items and a tin can raffle—RSVP today!
  • Mother’s Day Roses and Pens:  We are currently tagging all of the roses for Mother’s Day.  We will be calling churches who have previously signed up and we would love to have YOUR church participate.  The roses are quality silk roses of various shades and come all tagged “Thanks, Mom, for LIFE!” with a pretty ribbon.  The Mother’s Day Pens have the same message imprinted on the barrel.  Each are given to churches on consignment (similar to how we handle luminaries in January); we put together an order for you, you pick up the boxes from our office, set up a table or have people (this could be a great thing for kids) with baskets of the flowers to hand out to people leaving from Mass, collect donations (suggested donation is $1, but you will always have a few people who give more and you will always get a kid who comes up with a quarter or fifty cents), and return the money and any leftover roses or pens to the office.  It is very simple and is a great way to raise awareness of LIFE and fundraise for LIFESPAN, at the same time honoring those amazing women in our lives: Moms, Grandmas, Aunts, etc.  If you have any questions, just call/email our office!
  • Father’s Day Candy and Pens:  Father’s Day is just around the corner and, similar to Mother’s Day, we will have candy bars with the message, “Thanks, Dad, for Life! Happy Father’s Day!” and pens with the same message on the barrel.  The process for Father’s Day is the same for Mother’s Day.  Be sure to talk with your pastor about these great ways to honor these amazing men!

Need additional copies of any of the fliers? Please contact our office and we will be glad to provide them for you.

Yours in LIFE,

Eileen Brandt

Director, Wayne County/Downriver Chapter

Files included in this mailing:

05-15 WC 1 May 2015 Church Representative Letter PDF

05-15 WC 1 May 2015 Church Representative Letter Word

05-15 WC 2 Church Notes May 2015 PDF

05-15 WC 2 Church Notes May 2015 Word

05-15 WC 3 Dinner Invite

05-15 WC 4 Mother’s Day Roses Flier

05-15 WC 5 Jeopardy for Life Flier

05-15 WC 6 Jeopardy for Life Registration Form