June 13, 2016

Hello, Everyone!

Wayne County pro-life volunteers are the best!  We know that we have called upon many of you over the past couple of months for more than just a couple of mailings.  The new Used Book Depository on Seven Mile and Merriman looks amazing because of the effort of so many people who gave of their time and talents.  The Garage Sale went beautifully because of the many volunteers that came out.  Thank you to all who are participating in our Father’s Day candy and pens this year!  This fundraiser allows us to honor fathers while also spreading the message that LIFE is a gift. 


UPCOMING EVENTS, we hope that you can participate in some, if not all:

  • Our Pro-Life Breakfast will be held in October; watch for the exact date, speaker and location to be announced soon!
  • We are trying to setup a Walk for Life for a Sunday in September.  We are looking for volunteers willing to help out with planning and helping out on that Sunday.  Call/email our office if you are interested.
  • Beware of a current scam that is happening via phone.  Look at the informational letter enclosed for additional information. Follow this link for more information: PDF: 07-16 WC 4 Phone Scam Info 061716 pdf or Word Doc: 07-16 WC 4 Phone Scam Info 061716 Word
  • Make sure that you share the July LIFESPAN Newsletter that contains the results of our candidate surveys.  We want to make sure that everyone has the answers to questions about pro-life issues from candidates that are in your area. We know that you will be able to choose the candidates who best match your principles. 
  • Some new activities/fundraisers are in the works for Wayne County.  Watch the newsletter and your church notes, as plans get finalized and the dates get set.  We are very excited!


Yours in LIFE,

Eileen Brandt

Director, Wayne County/Downriver Chapter


Files included in this Mailing:

07-16 WC 1 Church Notes Church Representative Letter 061416 pdf

07-16 WC 1 Church Notes Church Representative Letter 061416 Word

07-16 WC 2 Church Notes July 061416 pdf

07-16 WC 2 Church Notes July 061416 Word