June 10, 2015

Dear Pastors, Youth Leaders and Church Representatives:

Enclosed you will find the July Church Notes, Jeopardy for Life and CIDER Walk information.  Please post these fliers wherever possible and bring it to the attention of your pastor, youth group coordinators, pro-life groups and any other interested parties.  I’ve also enclosed a card that provides easy, quick responses to pro-abort rhetoric—if you need additional copies, just contact our office!

Thank you to everyone who worked on Father’s Day! We hope everyone liked the candy and pens!  Because of all of your hard work, LIFESPAN can continue to do the work that we do!

Have you renewed your membership with LIFESPAN?  We would love to be able to say that 100% of our Church Reps have shown their commitment to the pro-life movement, by supporting LIFESPAN through membership.

UPCOMING EVENTS: we hope that you can participate in some, if not all:

  • Father’s Day Candy and Pens.  Father’s Day is just around the corner and, similar to Mother’s Day, we will have candy bars with the message, “Thanks, Dad, for Life! Happy Father’s Day!” and pens with the same message on the barrel.  The process for Father’s Day is the same for Mother’s Day.  Be sure to talk with your pastor about these great ways to honor these amazing men! Each are given to churches on consignment (similar to how we handle luminaries in January); we put together an order for you, you pick up the boxes from our office, set up a table or have people (this could be a great thing for kids) with baskets of candy bars and pens to hand out to people leaving from Mass, collect donations, and return the money and any leftover candy or pens to the office.  It is very simple and is a great way to raise awareness of LIFE and fundraise for LIFESPAN, at the same time honoring those amazing men in our lives: Dads, Grandpas, Uncles, etc. If you have any questions, just call/email our office!
  • Help Wanted! LIFESPAN is looking for volunteers to be on a Garage Sale Committee. Do you love garage sales? We have someone in Plymouth who has graciously given us the use of a prime location for a garage sale to benefit LIFES­PAN. The date of sale can be anytime from April to Octo­ber 2015. Volunteers are needed to plan the sale as soon as possible. We are hoping to make this an annual event.
  • Help Wanted! LIFESPAN is looking for volunteers to be on a CIDER Walk Committee. Do you want to help make this year’s CIDER Walk the most fun and successful one, yet?  The Committee is already working on this year’s Walk, but new ideas/input are needed from people like YOU!  Call/email our office to volunteer!
  • Pro-Life Jeopardy!  Registration is open until June 25th!  Make sure and encourage youth ages 12-19 to sign up!
  • Pro-Life Breakfast! Join us on September 12th for our Annual Pro-Life Breakfast.  Speaker and location are being finalized, so save the date and watch for additional information!  Pastors can attend free! Just call our office to reserve your spot!
  • CIDER Walk! Join other pro-lifers on September 27th at Starr Jaycee Park in Royal Oak.  Walk, eat doughnuts, drink cider and have fun!  Can’t wait to see everyone there!

Need additional copies of any of the fliers? Please contact our office and we will be glad to provide them for you.

Yours in LIFE,

Eileen Brandt

Director, Wayne County/Downriver Chapter

Files included in this mailing:

07-15 WC 1 July Church Notes Church Representative Letter 061015 PDF

07-15 WC 1 July Church Notes Church Representative Letter 061015 Word

07-15 WC 2 Church Notes July 2015

07-15 WC 3 Jeopardy flier

07-15 WC 4 Jeopardy Registration

07-15 WC 5 CW Flier 060815

07-15 WC 6 CW Pledge Form and FAQs Assign a Walker 051915

07-15 WC 7 CW Bulletin Insert 2up 060815a

07-15 WC 8 Respond to pro-aborts 052015