Hello, Everyone!

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful July, so far!  

PLEASE NOTE: The Wayne County Chapter Office will be closed from July 3-July 17.

Why are we going to be closed? For actual vacation time!  J Anne Marie is going on a mission trip to Ecuador and I will be on vacation with my family. This doesn’t mean that I won’t be working part of the time, but I can’t be at the office. As always, my cell number is on the office voice mail, so if there is any urgent concern, please feel free to text or call me.

Entertainment Book Pre-Order: This fundraiser supports LIFESPAN and saves people money! We have a limited supply of 2017 Entertainment Books available for all who pre-order the 2018 Entertainment Book. They are available on a first come-first serve basis. **While the Wayne County office is closed, the Main Office of LIFESPAN (Suite 100) will have the 2017 Books. Chris Hansen is amazing and has agreed to help us out while we are out of the office.

Walk for Life: We are excited to announce our “Walk for Life” on Sunday, September 10th in Hines Park, near Newburgh Road. Please encourage everyone to collect pledges and to come out for a beautiful walk that supports a beautiful thing: LIFE! We will be witnesses for LIFE by wearing t-shirts that advertise our cause. More information is enclosed in this mailing!

LIFESPAN’s Used Books: Looking for some summer reading? Check out LIFESPAN’s Used Books at 19223 Merriman Rd., Livonia  48152. Check out the enclosed flyer for a special sale, July 27-29!

LIFE CHAIN: October 1, 2017  – Make sure to get your registration form into the Main Office so that your location can be listed!

Pro-Life Luncheon: Coming in October

Yours in LIFE,

Eileen Brandt

Director, Wayne County/Downriver Chapter

Files included in this mailing:

08-17 WC 1 Church Rep Letter August 062617 PDF

08-17 WC 1 Church Rep Letter August 062617 WORD

08-17 WC 2 Church Notes August 062617 PDF

08-17 WC 2 Church Notes August 062617 WORD

08-17 WC 3 2017 Used Book Sale Full Page Flier v3 062117

08-17 WC 4 Walk for Life for back of newsletter 062617

08-17 WC 5 Walk for Life Pledge Form and FAQs 062617 1