Hi Folks,

Doesn’t it seem like June and July were just 5 minutes ago? Pretty soon we will find the leaves falling and snow on the ground!

As usual, things are gearing up for us now that summer is ending, beginning with the annual National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children observance at White Chapel Cemetery. This day holds special significance for me because when Lifespan originally buried our five little babies, I was holding my youngest child in my arms. Scott, our youngest adopted child, was only about 15 months old at the time and I remember thinking that if his birth mother had not loved him enough to place him for adoption, it could be his little body we were burying. Now when I go the Day of Remembrance, I get to hold his daughter, four year old Abigale, by the hand and again thank his birth mother for the choice for life that she made. Please join us at the observance. I have attached a flyer with details for you to share with your faith community.

We have ordered our Christmas Cards and they will be in any day. As soon as I have them, I will send samples to all who have offered cards in the past. If you are doing cards, please arrange a date at your faith community and then let me know what it is so I can arrange a schedule. If you have not done them in the past, and would like to try, give me a call at the office and we can discuss the details. 248-816-1546.

We also have 2017 Entertainment books. If you purchase now ($30.00), you still get a 2016 book for free, which is good until November.

October 1st, Michigan Nurses for Life will be holding their annual conference at St. Joseph Hospital. This is open to everyone and this year the conference will focus on Human Trafficking. This issue is finally getting the attention it deserves and while you might not think so, the Detroit area is one of the most active when it comes to this horrible practice. Please post the flyer and share it with your Parish Nurses and Christian Service.

Life Chain Sunday is October 2nd. You have probably already received information about this from the main office. Please let Chris (at the main office) know if your faith community will be participating so she can get you on the list. The purpose of the list is just to let folks know who is a co-sponsor and where the chains are.

Registrations will begin for the 2017 Movement in Motion Bus Trip to Washington DC at the end of September. Since we were snowed out last year, the number of young people anxious to go this year has increased. Once you, or your youth ministers, get notice of registration, don’t delay in getting the word out. We don’t want anyone to be left behind.

I have also included a flyer from our Wee Care director, Karen Patrosso. Each year she makes a plea that Wee Care be included in Christmas Giving Trees. It would help so many moms and their babies if you could include WeeCare in your Christmas charities.

We would love to know how many of you find our bulletin notes useful and/or how many of you are able to get them printed in your bulletins. If you get a chance, could you email us and let us know, either way.

I guess that is enough for now. As always, if you have any questions or we can help in any way, don’t hesitate to call.

Love Life!

Diane and Lynn

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09-16 OM Church Notes


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MNFL Conference 2016 Flier

MNFL Conference 2016 Brochure

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MIM 2017 Bus Trip Flier

2016 Wee Care Giving Tree Letter