Hi Folks,

Finally some summer weather!! I am afraid that when we turn the calendar page to September, it will all go away.  Let’s hope not.

The big news this month has, of course, been Planned Parenthood.  Their grizzly practice of fishing around in the body parts of babies whose lives they have ended with their “abortion care” and then selling them to research facilities has caught up to them.  Unfortunately, the general public may not know very much about this because of a lack of reporting by mainstream media.  The killing of Cecil the Lion got more coverage than the Planned Parenthood scandal did.  If you do not yet visit on a regular basis now would be a great time to start.  This source is pro-life but they do a good job “sourcing” their material so you know both sides of the story.

Christmas cards will be here soon.  We will be sending out your order forms in the next mailing so this is a perfect time to arrange for the date of your sales with the scheduler at your faith community.  We asked that we try to increase the number of churches that offer our cards by 5 this year.  So far we have 1 new one.  Please give serious consideration to this project and let me know.

2016 Entertainment books will arrive in the office at the end of the month.  The pre-sale offer is in place—pay for your 2016 book now and get a free 2015 book, good through November.

We had no idea that Planned Parenthood would be so much in the news when we asked Representatives Barrett and Hooker to speak about defunding Planned Parenthood at our breakfast on September 12.  Both gentlemen have been working diligently in Lansing to stop funding PP with our tax dollars and they will share the results of these efforts at the breakfast.  This is one you really shouldn’t miss.

Please remind your Parish Nurses about the Michigan Nurses Conference on September 26th.  Wesley Smith is our featured speaker and he will tell us about our medical establishment” aggressive move towards assisted suicide.

The CIDER Walk is Sept. 27, beginning at Starr Park in Royal Oak.  This is a great opportunity for young people to be a visible witness for Life!

Lynn has already scheduled the first of several organizing meetings for the 2016 bus trip to Washington DC!  Jeopardy had some technical difficulties (computers were supposed to simplify our lives—I am not so sure!) but those in attendance seemed to have a really good time.  Boy, our young people are smart.

Clearly things are picking up again after a restful summer.  If we can do anything for you, please call the office 248-816-1546.

Love Life! Lynn and Diane

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