Hi Folks,

     The leaves haven’t started to change yet, but it won’t be long.  Fall is a beautiful time of year in our state, but it is always followed by winter. The first snowfall is always beautiful but then it would be nice if summer would come back right after that snow!

     Several things to be aware of this month.  For sure, don’t forget the annual breakfast (which this year will actually be a luncheon to accommodate our speaker).  We don’t realize just how determined the assisted suicide/euthanasia supporters are.  If they don’t get the legislation they want in a given state the first time, they WILL be back.  That is exactly what is going on here in Michigan.  We defeated a physician assisted suicide measure in 1998 and two weeks ago to of our legislators in Lansing introduced another measure to the make PAS legal here in Michigan.  If at first they don’t succeed, they keep trying. Come to the luncheon on Oct. 22nd and hear what we can do.  If you have questions, call the Wayne /Downriver LIFESPAN office at 734-422-6230.  I have attached a flyer for the luncheon—please post wherever possible.

     Michigan Nurses for Life conference on Human Trafficking is Oct 1st.  It is always so easy to forget an event on the first day of the month (Diane knows this first hand—her birthday is July 1 !) that even though it is too late to make it a “church note” I am enclosing a copy of the flyer in case you can post it somewhere again.

     Oct 2 (another early event) is LIFE CHAIN Sunday.  If your faith community wants to be a co-sponsor of LIFE CHAIN, there is still time to do that.  It does not cost anything, but shows that your faith community is willing to stand up for Life.  Go to our Event page or call the main office, 734-524-0162 and talk to Chris.

     Christmas Cards!!  We expect delivery any day now.  As soon as I get them here in the office, I will send everyone who usually offers cards a sample of each card.  If you have not done it before, and would like to, give us a call and we can talk about it. 248-816-1546. If you are planning to offer the cards, I am attaching an order form and am asking  you to get a date set with your administration and then send the date and order form back to me as soon as possible.

     Please remind your youth ministers and/or young people that registration for the 2017 Movement in Motion is open and, if they want to avoid a late fee, will end on Oct.31, 2016.  We have a maximum of 9 buses going to Washington and when they are full, we cannot take any more travelers.  If you need more information, see our MIM Event page or call Lynn at 248-816-1546.

That’s it for now. Love Life!

     Diane and Lynn

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10-16 OM Church Notes Memo PDF

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10-16 OM Church Notes PDF

10-16 OM Church Notes WORD

Annual Luncheon Flier

MNFL Conference Flier

OM Christmas Card Order Form PDF

OM Christmas Card Order Form WORD