Hi Folks,

Fall seems to be falling.  You can tell this is so because every fast food restaurant in the area is promoting “pumpkin spice” everything— from donuts to coffee to tea to soup.  Personally, I think summertime gazpacho is better!

Christmas Cards, Christmas Cards!  They will arrive in our office at the end of the month and now is the time to arrange to offer them to your faith community. We would really like to have 4 more churches try offering the cards.  There is never any “upfront” cost for the cards and usually only involves one weekend of your time.  The rewards to LIFESPAN are huge—this is the biggest fund raiser we have.  Our youth programs, informational materials and office depend on the proceeds from the Christmas Cards.  There is an order form attached to this email so you can get an idea of how the cards are offered. Please, consider trying it this year.  Call the office and we can talk about it.

The Breakfast was really a very informative event.  Reps. Hooker and Barrett gave us a really good “run down” on efforts to defund Planned Parenthood here in Michigan.  Remember to contact your state Rep and Senator and tell them how you feel about tax dollars going to PP.  If you have not seen the videos showing Planned Parenthood stirring through the remains of aborted babies in order to gather their organs for sale to researchers, it is probably not too surprising.  Except for outlets like Fox News, the media seems to have TOTALLY ignored the whole thing.  No videos, no reporting, no letters to the editor—quite simply, a blackout.  Planned Parenthood is the sacred cow of the liberal media and none of them want to “blow the whistle”, so the general public remains uninformed and pro-lifers are again characterized as “the crazy people”.  If you want to see the medical director for Planned Parenthood discussing selling baby body parts over a lovely lunch of wine and salad, go to and just type in Planned Parenthood videos.  There are 10 of them, so stay strong.

The Remembrance of the Unborn at White Chapel cemetery was a lovely, simple recognition of the babies whose lives have been lost to abortion.  It was rainy that afternoon and the superintendent at White Chapel, without our having to ask, provided a canopy for all of us to stand under.  It was greatly appreciated and a kind action on his part.

Don’t forget about the CIDER Walk.  This is not really part of this October mailing, but rather a reminder for you to come out on what we hope will be a nice fall day and walk for life!  Sunday, Sept 27th at Starr Jaycee Park in Royal Oak (13 Mile Rd, just east of Crooks).  Pledges and donations are gratefully accepted and cider and donuts will await everyone who attends.

Our White Cross display is just about over for the year.  It won’t be long before the ground is too hard to put them in place.  That means it is a perfect time to get on the schedule for next year.  They really make a very strong visual impact.  Again, call us at the office and we can talk about how you can have them at your faith community.

September was exceptionally busy this year and luckily October is not so jammed packed with events.  However, Lynn is busily signing up travelers for the Movement in Motion bus trip to Washington DC and we already have a fair number of reservations.  Please speak to your youth ministers and be sure they are receiving the information needed to present to your young people.

It won’t be long before we start thinking about our annual dinner and the Resource Book so keep you ear to the ground for new ads.

Love Life! Diane and Lynn

Files included in this mailing:

10-15 OM 1 Oct 2015 MEMO

10-15 OM 2 Oct 2015 BULLETIN NOTES

10-15 OM 3 Christmas Cards 2015

10-15 OM 4 Christmas Card Order Form 2015

10-15 OM 5 2016 Bus Trip Flier 050515

10-15 OM 6 Photo of Crosses at Ss. C & M