Hi Folks,

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.  It is hard to believe that this is the November mailing.  It seems that this year of 2016 is going by so quickly—it seems like it should only be April!  Our unseasonably warm weather makes it hard to realize that snow will be flying before long.

Christmas Cards are here and ready to go out to those of you who will be offering them to your faith communities.  If you have not offered cards before and would like to please let me know.  It is not difficult and really helps us.

October 31st is the deadline for registration for the Movement in Motion Bus Trip to Washington DC.  Please be sure that your youth ministers are aware of the deadline and if they have questions, ask them to call Lynn here at the office, 248-816-1546.

We are making a concerted effort to increase our membership.  People seem reluctant to become members of organizations these days and there is really not a lot we can do to glamorize or change the purpose and message of our efforts.  Human life still has value, should still be respected and protected and it is becoming increasingly obvious that if those things are going to happen, they will only happen because of the numbers of people who want it to happen.  It seems that we presently we have little recourse to the courts, elected officials or legislation.  We will only impact those elements of our society by sheer force of numbers.  So, let’s start with all of you.  You would be surprised by how many of you who graciously receive and share these mailings are not members of LIFESPAN.  In that case, all you hear from us is what is contained in these mailings.  You don’t get our Newsletter (unless I have listed you as complimentary), or notices of our special events.  Membership is only $30.00 per individual, $20.00 for seniors, per year.  If you don’t know if you are a current member, call me (248-816-1546) and I can let you know.  If you have been a member and have not renewed in the last 12 months, now is the time.  We have no way of knowing what kind of leadership our country will have until after the election.  We do know that whoever leads us, they MUST hear from us.  Knowledge is power, numbers are significant and single-minded purpose is essential.  MEMBERSHIP!!

Think ahead a little (or a lot) to next summer.  As you may know the State Fair that used to be at the fair grounds on Woodward and 8 mile has moved to the Suburban Collection center in Novi.  We are trying to have an informational table at the event, just like we used to have at the Fair Grounds. (I hear they have Elephant Ears!).  We need to know if you, or any one you know—friends, relatives, –would be interested in staffing the table.  I know it is some distance for us in northern Oakland county to travel, but it is always a fun experience.  So, if you are interested, please call me and let me know (248-816-1546).

We cannot encourage you to vote for one or another candidate for any political office.  We are a 501(c)4 organization and partisan politics are forbidden.  We do know how critical this election is for our nation, for our citizens and for the cause we embrace.  Please keep in mind that whoever is elected, that individual will have the opportunity to place 3 or maybe 4 people on the United States Supreme Court.  That body will ultimately determine what protection, if any, we will afford unborn children, the elderly or the handicapped.

Love Life!


Files included in this mailing:

O/M Nov 2016 Church Rep Letter

O/M Nov 2016 Church Notes

2016 Christmas Cards Flier

2016 Pro-Life Luncheon Flier