Hi Folks,

Well, the past few days have been glorious but the weatherman says it is time to face reality and expect colder weather.   We still have the beautiful trees though—their colors are absolutely exquisite!

Christmas cards, Christmas cards, Christmas cards—obviously this is the item of the day.  If you have not turned in your order yet, please hurry and do so.  If you haven’t done the cards before, let us know if you are interested and we can get you started.

The buses are filling up rapidly—if anyone is interested in going from your faith community they need to call the office right away.  Please let your Youth Ministers know this.

It has just been announced that the Governor of California has signed a bill requiring pro-life pregnancy help centers in that state to inform those coming for help where and how to get a state funded abortion.  A court challenge is expected.  Let’s hope when this all shakes out, if pro-life pregnancy centers have to tell where to get an abortion that abortion centers have to give the location of pro-life centers.

Believe it or not, it is not too soon to be thinking of the 2016 Resource Book.  The book will again be updated and distributed at our Celebrate Life dinner in May.  This is a good time to see if you can get some new ads from your faith communities, folks who attend your church, family and friends.

Since this month brings Thanksgiving, the next one brings Christmas and gift giving.  We are attaching a flyer about our $10,000 raffle.  Imaging, or the person who has everything, a gift raffle ticket could result in a gift of $10,000!

You will also find a Lights for Life flyer in this mailing.  If you could get permission to post it, many people seem to find this a special Christmas opportunity to remember a loved one and they might be interested.

Thanksgiving is a time for more that turkey and all the trimmings.  It is a time to give thanks for all the blessings we receive.  We would like to include all of you at the top of LIFESPAN’s list. You are all a blessing for LIFESPAN, and for the moms and babies we try to protect.  We gratefully ask for a year full of blessings for each of you.

Love Life!  Diane and Lynn

Files included in this mailing:

11-15 OM 1 Nov 2015 MEMO

11-15 OM 2 Nov 2015 BULLETIN NOTES

11-15 OM 3 Christmas Cards 2015

11-15 OM 4 Raffle 2016 062615

11-15 OM 5 L4L 2015 Flier 090915