Hi Folks,

The trees are leafing out, the grass is growing and we are all trying to think of creative ways to serve our leftover Easter ham!

The dinner and auction is of primary importance this month.  The Resource Book is finished, but we would still like to see more folks attend the dinner.  Attached you will find a flyer with information about our speaker and a form to fill out for registration. (We are still accepting items for the Silent Auction and the Tin Can Raffle).

If you are unaware of Students for Life of America, this group works visibly and diligently on college campuses to bring pro-life information to the students.  Unfortunately, they meet with very hostile administrations and students who deny a forum for displays and speakers, tear down displays and destroy the materials and are very aggressive to SLF representatives.  It does not matter if it is a secular school or a religious school.  In fact, some of the heaviest opposition comes on Catholic college campuses.  These young people are truly front line defenders of life and you will find Kristian’s story quite compelling.

We will also be recognizing the first members of LIFESPAN who laid the foundation for these young people to build upon.

By now, you should have sent in your Carnations orders.  If you have not or if you have never offered our Mother’s Day Carnations to your faith community and would like to please get your order in to the office or call us for more information.

Looking ahead, we are going to plan a baseball game outing to the Jimmy John’s ball park in Utica sometime this summer.  This is a GREAT place to see a baseball game and VERY family friendly.  We would love to get some feedback from you about whether or not you would attend such an outing and if you prefer day or evening.  Diane T. went with her family last summer and the grandchildren are still talking about it!

We are also exploring an opportunity for our young people to submit original memes and infographics, with a pro-life theme, to be used on our website, Facebook page, publications etc.   For those of you who don’t know what those are ( I did not!), they are the clever statements you see on social media that express an idea or sentiment in a very few words with a descriptive image.  More on this later.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who wear that title proudly.  Whether new moms or experienced moms, it is a name that is could easily be spelled  LOVE, instead of Mother.

Love Life
Diane and Lynn

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