Hi Folks,

It seems to be coming—I hope it is coming—Spring HAS to come so we can have summer!!!

The Dinner on May 3rd, the Carnations for Mother’s Day, the Raffle and the Garage Sale—these are the hot button issues for this month.

We are so close to the goal of 400 tickets sold for the Raffle!!!  If you haven’t purchased one or found someone or several someones who would purchase one, please redouble you efforts.  We really need to sell all 400 tickets to realize the funds that come from the raffle. HELP!

The Dinner is May 3rd at San Marino.  Perhaps your faith community would send you and a friend to the dinner.  David Dean is a delightful guest and you should see some or the auction items!!  Can’t wait to take a trip, have a getaway weekend, and enjoy some sporting events and some adult beverages?  You will find all of these in the auction.  Please come!

Don’t forget to send back your carnation order form (if you have not yet done so).  The florist needs a count very soon.

The Garage Sale is a new venture for us.  You know they say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure (or woman’s!).  For some of us who live in Oakland County it might be a long ride but if you find that one treasure that you have been looking for, it will be worth it!

(Special surprise coming in July—save the 19th!)

Look for summer!!!

Love Life! Diane

Files included in this mailing:

05-16 OM 1 May Church Notes Church Representative Letter 041516

05-16 OM 2 Church Notes May 041516

05-16 OM 3 Dinner Flier 041516

05-16 OM 4 Raffle 041516

05-16 OM 5 Carnation ORDER form 2016 WITH MAPS

05-16 OM 6 Garage Sale Flier v.1 040616