Hi All,

   By now you should all know that we had to cancel the Washington DC bus trip due to weather.  We are having to refund the cost of the trip to those who planned to go and since we were refunded only ½ the cost of the buses (Blue Lakes Tour company did not have to refund any money since we were the ones who cancelled due to our concerns for safety and we are grateful to them for what they did refund) this is a huge monetary loss for us.  We are trying our best to refund all who ask (which is the vast majority)

   Well, life goes on and there are three really important things to highlight.

   1) Raffle tickets—–please, please try to sell just one ticket.  The cost of the ticket can be shared among any number of people but only one name can appear on the ticket (State of Michigan rules, not ours).  The prize is $10,000 and we are only selling 400 tickets.  Given the loss we had with the bus trip, this raffle has taken on even more importance.  Please see if you can help by getting the word out.

   2) Resource Book—it is that time again.  The ads that go into the book provide needed revenue for LIFESPAN Educational Fund.  Please check with your hairdresser, vet, plumber, doctor, dentist, friends, relations, and anyone else you can think of to take an ad.  Of course, check also with your faith community.  Their support is critical.  Do you use a CPA for your taxes?  Ask him or her.  If anyone wants to see a book before advertising, call the office and we can provide it. 

   3) The Celebrate Life Dinner is on May 3rd.  We will again have a silent auction so if you or someone you know would like to donate an item for either the silent auction or the Tin Can Raffle, please let us know.  David Dean is our speaker. David has been our guest before and so many people have asked for him to return that we engaged him over a year ago.  His comedy is funny and appropriate for all ages.  We have reduced the cost of the dinner this year to $50.00 per guest so please plan on joining us on      May 3.

   The death of Justice Scalia was a terrible blow to his family and to the pro-life movement.  He loved them both and his support on the Supreme Court was often the deciding vote for human life.  He will be sorely missed.   There is every reason to believe that the next appointee to the court will not share his views so we must be prepared to work even harder to protect all human life.  Don’t worry.  This effort is bigger and more important than any one man or woman.  It may take us longer to climb the mountain, but we will reach the peak!

Love Life,


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