Hi All,

Summer is coming—I know because it teased us last Tuesday with nice warm weather.  I am reminded of the “prayer” that I find myself saying more and more frequently, “Lord give me patience….AND GIVE IT TO ME NOW!”

The 2017 dinner is over and by all accounts enjoyed by everyone who attended.  Kristan Hawkins was a terrific speaker.  We had invited as many young people as we could and LOTS of them came.  Kristan addressed many of her remarks to them and from talking to them after the dinner, it was clear that her message was received loud and clear.  The future of the pro-life movement is in good hands!

We will be beginning our summer hours the first full week of June.  Things are generally a little quieter during the summer and it gives us a chance to plan our activities.  Diane will be in the office on M, W, F from 9-noon and Lynn will be here Tues, Wed and Thurs from 9-4.  So, there is always someone here just at different hours.

Father’s Day is coming and attached you will find the order form for them.  It works just the same as the Carnations.  Please get your order back to me as soon as possible—we are late ordering this year. 

A very heart felt thank you to everyone who helped with the carnations.  If you have any suggestions on how to make this easier for you, please let me know.  The Wayne county office tried a new way to put a tag on the flowers but it was not well received.  The tags make the flowers look a little more special and I know it is a lot of work, tying them onto the flowers, but it does make a difference.  Next year, if you don’t generally put the ribbons and tags on the flower, scatter some of them on the table where you have your display and offer them to those who select a flower and let them put it on themselves.

Another thank you to all who helped with the dinner, or attended the dinner.  For the helpers, you know how valuable your time and effort is and for those who attended, thanks you for coming and we hope you really enjoyed it.

Love Life!

Diane and Lynn

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