Hi Folks,

The trees are green, the grass needs mowing and spring should be just around the corner—that is if we can get rid of these 40 degree nights!

The dinner is over and was a really great event!  Of course you would not expect it to be reported as anything else but this one was really special.  We celebrated our 45th anniversary with some old friends and a lot of new friends.  It was especially rewarding when all those under the age of 25 were asked to stand and about 40 young adults rose!  Our future is in good hands.

This is the last chance to order candy bars for Father’s Day.  The order form is attached so if you plan on offering candy bars for all the Dad’s out there with a sweet tooth, now is the time.

From all reports the Mother’s Day Carnations were very pretty.  John at Affordable Flowers does a great job with our orders, bundling them, putting them in boxes, labeling the boxes, sorting them out by delivery points and getting them all to our office early on Saturday morning.  Lots of thanks going out to him!  If you still have money from the carnations, please send it, and the signs, into the office as soon as possible.

Pro-Life Jeopardy is shaping up to be a really fun summer event for our youth, ages 12-19.  The event will be at Madonna University Saturday, August 8th.  Please be sure your youth ministers get a copy of the Jeopardy attachment to this email.

We will start our summer hours on June 8th, so we won’t be here much in the afternoons.  However, we are never further away than Diane’s cell phone if you really need to reach us.—248-561-6197.

Love Life! Diane and Lynn

Files included in this mailing:

06-15 OM 1 Jun 2015 MEMO

06-15 OM 2 Jun 2015 BULLETIN NOTES

06-15 OM 3 2015 Jeopardy for Life Flier PDF

06-15 OM 4 Candy Bar Order Form