Hi Folks!

Summer is here—yea.  Enjoy the weather, the time you can spend outside and the green, growing things.

I am attaching a file that contains our Save The Date information.  Please share it with your faith community leaders, (Christian service, youth, and liturgy) so they can all see what is upcoming and maybe make plans to participate.

We are going to have a book sale.  See attached flyer for the details but Oakland/Macomb has been asked to provide two volunteers for each shift on each day.  I know it is a bit of a hike to get there, but you get to see great book bargains and if you have never been to Angels, Saints and Stuff, you are in for a real treat.  Religious articles yes, but antiques, jewelry and much, much more to see.  Let me know if you can fill any of these time slots.

2018 Entertainment books will be in the office in early August, but we do have a limited number of 2017 books available.  If you purchase a 2018 book now, you will receive a 2017 book for free and you can use it until the end of December.

Looking toward the future, we will have a $10,000.00 raffle with our Celebrate Life dinner next year.  Just a heads up and a suggestion to save your pennies.  Tickets will be $50.00 and you have three chances to win—1st prize is $7000, 2nd prize is $2000 and 3rd prize is $1000.00.

We are looking for ways for more people to have and use our Resource Books.  The cost to us for printing is $12.00 each.  They would make a great resource for the educational programs at your faith community and to home school teachers.  Mention it to them and ask them to call the office for more information.

Biggest news—we have arranged for 40 tickets, at $15.00 each, for a baseball game at the Jimmy John’s field on August 17th.  It is an evening game, beginning at 7:05pm.  This facility is very family friendly and the games are lots of fun.  Plan to come and sit with other folks from LIFESPAN.  There are hot dogs, peanuts and popcorn (and lots of other goodies) for sale it will be fun evening.  Remember, we only have 40 tickets to sell.

That’s all for now

Love Life!

Diane and Lynn

Files included in this mailing:

07-17 OM 1 Church Rep Letter July 2017 062117

07-17 OM 2 Church Notes July 2017 062117

07-17 OM 3 Save the Date Card v.17 062117

07-17 OM 4 2017 Used Book Sale Full Page Flier v3 062117