Hi Folks,

It would be really nice if this summer would decide to get warm, stop raining and be summer!  It would also be nice if all mosquitos would just go away. Some of them are big enough to put saddles on and ride away!!

Summer hours have begun here in the office.  We are here each day from 9-Noon.  If you need something outside of those hours, feel free to call Diane on her cell phone—248-816-1546.

We are busily working on answers and questions for Pro-Life Jeopardy on August 8th.  Attached you will find flyers for Jeopardy and a registration form.  There will be food, fun and a GREAT opportunity for our young people to learn more about the life issues.  Those who have participated in the past have remarked on how much more confident they feel discussing abortion, euthanasia etc. with their friends (yes, those topics DO come up) and with their teachers.

You will also find information about the CIDER Walk. It will be held in the same place as last year (Royal Oak) but the distance will be a little shorter.  This would be a great chance for young people preparing for Confirmation and a wonderful group opportunity for those in formation classes.  And there are GREAT t-shirts to be had.  Please be sure to share this information with your youth ministers.

I know I mentioned summer earlier but now I am going to mention Christmas!  I know it is early, but if you will be doing Christmas cards this years, now is a great time to get on your faith community’s calendar and to think about how many boxes and packages you might need.  Having at least a small idea of your needs makes it so much easier to place an accurate order with the card companies.

We need a special favor from you.  If you are not a dues paying member of LIFESPAN, could you seriously consider becoming one?  Getting information in these mailings is great, but getting the Newsletter, which comes with a membership, is a plus.  The information in the newsletter is re-printable and sometimes you can make a few copies and leave them in your gathering space.  Maybe your faith community would sponsor your membership, or maybe your faith community would become a member too.  It never hurts to ask—so, we are asking!

That’s all for now.  Enjoy your summer—even if we have put the sound of sleigh bells in your ear!

Love Life! Diane and Lynn

Files included in this mailing:

07-15 OM 1 July 2015 MEMO

07-15 OM 2 July 2015 BULLETIN NOTES

07-15 OM 3 2015 Jeopardy for Life Flier 052615

07-15 OM 4 2015 Jeopardy Registration

07-15 OM 5 CW Flier 060815

07-15 OM 6 CW Bulletin Insert 2up 060815

07-15 OM 7 CW Pledge Form and FAQs 051915