Hi Folks,

As you know, this mailing is composed in the middle of the month before it is to be used and this one even earlier to meet everyone’s holiday deadlines.  Right now we are shoveling out from a 10 inch snow fall.  Snow is lovely, but in smaller amounts please.  Diane’s poor little Sheltie dog, Skittles, has become a snow plow in the back yard because it is chest deep on her!

This is the first of what I hope will be series of positive, life saving and life preserving memos.  I have hopes that we will begin to see gains in all areas of our pro-life work since the incoming president had promised to nominate pro-life justices and many of the members of his proposed cabinet are pro-life.  But, we all know that politics is a very strange business and there are always surprises.  For now, let us all try and encourage the new president to keep his campaign promises and bring a new focus to our pro-life efforts.

The buses leave on the 26th for the annual March for Life.  You may recall that we were snowed out last year.  Positive thoughts and prayers for a safe, successful trip would be gratefully appreciated.  We offer a special thank you to all of you who donated to the trip. 

On the evening of January 21st we encourage everyone to light a white candle in remembrance of all whose lives have been lost to abortion.  Several candles along your walkway, or lining the entrance to your church, serve as a reminder that life is precious and to be remembered.  If you would like candle kits, please call the office, 248-816-1546, and let us know as soon as possible so we can order a supply.  A donation is welcome but not necessary.

We will begin planning our volunteer luncheon when we get back from the Christmas break.  It is always a special time to meet and share with other reps and enjoy a good meal.

We are asking you for a favor.  We have been approached by the Pistons organization to get a group together and attend a game. (kind of like we did for the Tigers last summer).  Before we get too involved, could you let us know what you think of the idea?

Thanks to all the Christmas card people!!  This is such an important fund raiser for us and you all do such a good job!  We don’t have any final figures yet, but when we do, we will let you know.

Baby Showers for area pregnancy help centers will be coming up in March.  It is early, but if you think your faith community might like to join in, please let us know.

That is enough for now.  We are all looking forward to the holidays so let’s concentrate on our families, friends and the reason for the season.  We wish you peace, grace and happiness at Christmas time and a New Year full of excitement (the good kind!) and blessings.

Love Life!

Diane and Lynn

Files included in this mailing:

01-17 OM 1 Church Representative Letter January 2017

01-17 OM 2 Church Notes-Bulletins