Hi Folks,

No, Santa did not take me back to the North Pole—I am still here, just a little behind schedule.

A new year is always an exciting, and a little frightening, occasion.  We can experience all kinds of new adventures and perhaps deal with some difficult times.  We wish only the best things to all of you.

Top of the list right now is the bus trip. The buses leave for Washington DC on January 21 and return on the 24th.  Lynn and Maria have been working ever so hard to make this a wonderful experience for all who attend.

We really need to start working on our Raffle and on ads for the Resource Book.  It seems like we have lots and lots of time before our May dinner, but it is simply amazing how fast it goes and how much there is to be done.  So—please consider sharing our raffle with friends and family and as I have said before, if each of you could get just one ad from people you do business with, the vet, the hairdresser, the lawn people—anyone with whom you have contact, we could double the size of the Resource Book but even more importantly, more generously fund the main office, thereby eliminating fund raising letters etc.  If your faith community does not already take an ad, that is a great place to start.  Call the office if you are unsure and we can tell you if they do.

The 850 pound gorilla in the corner also needs our attention.  That is the upcoming primary and general elections.  As you know, LIFESPAN cannot endorse or recommend candidates for public office, but we can ask them to respond to our questionnaire and that will be published prior to the elections.  We need pro-life legislators to propose measures to protect human life and we need enough of them to override any possible presidential veto.  We have much to do!!

If you intend to use the white candles on Jan. 22, I need your order quickly.

Love Life! Diane and Lynn

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01-16 OM 1 January 2016 Memo

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01-16 OM 4 Resource Book Ad Contract and Flier 2016 101215

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