Good grief!  Did you see the date on this memo?  Seems like only yesterday it was the year 2000 and everyone was worried about their computers crashing.  There was a recent TV interview of a woman (sorry, don’t remember her name) who was describing her feelings about the New Year.  She said she considered it a gift to be opened.  Inside the package was a brand new, never before used present—hers to do with what she could.  That seemed an interesting way to approach the New Year.  We can put aside those times when we did not “hit the marks” that we hope to achieve—not to forget them, but to learn from them and do better this year.  That is our hope for all of you and for our pro-life efforts.  Things can be better and we can work to make them so.

Our students and chaperones leave for Washington DC at the end of the month. Nine buses full of pro-life marchers will take part in the March for Life.  Keep them in your thoughts as they stand for LIFE.

If any of you still have Christmas card money, could you please get it into the office as soon as possible?

There will be lots of things coming up this year, including our Celebrate Life dinner in May.  Circle the date (May 5th) and our Teen Jeopardy Game which will be held at Madonna University (Aug 8th).  More on these and other events later.

If you enjoy hockey, and can’t get to a Red Wings game, consider March 7th for a Plymouth Whalers game at the Compuware Arena in Plymouth.  See the attached flyer.  You can also post this flyer where appropriate.  The tickets are only $12.00 and LIFESPAN earns $4.00 on every ticket.

We are going to try to include an “article of interest” with each mailing this year.  Please see if you can share it with your Respect Life Committee and remember we will be more than happy to provide a speaker to your group on any of the life issues.

Happy New Year to each of you.

Love Life! Diane and Lynn

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