Hi Folks,

     As I write this it is gray and cloudy here in Michigan and in Washington DC also.  Something else is going on in Washington.  The new president is being inaugurated today.  It has been a long, contentious several months working up to this day and feelings still run high.  President elect Trump has given several signs that he is supporting pro-life efforts.  It will be up to all of us to help him achieve what he has promised.  I must admit I am saddened by the vitriolic opposition to everything he says and does as reported in the media. I saw this on Facebook and find it very thought provoking: I hope Donald Trump is a good President.  Wanting him to fail is like wanting the pilot to crash the plane that we are ALL on.”

     Once again, thanks to all of you who sold Christmas Cards.  We are already working on next year’s selection.  If you have any ideas on what we should look for, please let us know 248-816-1546.

     The Movement in Motion buses leave here on the 26th for the March for Life.  It will be interesting to see if the media gives our march as much coverage as they give to the Woman’s March,( since they won’t let any pro-life women’s groups be part of the march it should be more correctly called the “some women’s march”) scheduled for tomorrow, the 21st.  If not, send a letter to the editor of your favorite newspaper and ask why. Or, go on line to your favorite TV station and ask where their coverage was.  It won’t change anything, but it will let them know WE ARE WATCHING!

     It is time to start collecting ads for the Resource Book that guests at our Celebrate Life (May 8th) dinner take home with them.  I know I say this every year but if each of you could get just one new ad, just one, we could fund the main office for the entire year!  Please try hard—you are limited only by your imagination.  I am attaching an ad contract so you can carry it around in your purse or wallet as you shop.

     We will set a date for our Volunteer Luncheon sometime next week.  We held it at Joe Bologna’s on 17 Mile near Dequindre for the past several years and folks seem to like it there.  If you have a better idea, let us know.  Also, if someone has been of particular help to you this year with pro-life activities at your faith community, we would like to invite them too.

     Changing gears here, we are seeing more and more effort being put forward regarding assisted suicide, aid in dying etc.  More correctly, it should be called active euthanasia.  I would be happy to speak to any group at your faith community on this subject.  If there is any interest, please call and let me know.

Love Life!

Diane and Lynn

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