Hi Folks,

Well, there is no snow on the ground here as I write this but it looks like there will be a LOT of snow in Washington DC.  The storm and the safety of our travelers is what caused us to have to cancel our trip to Washington for the March for Life.  It was an extremely difficult decision to make, leaving LIFESPAN with an almost $27, 00.00 loss. This is a tremendous loss of funds for LIFESPAN but we will just have to work a little harder at raising money. That is unless any of you know of a generous “angel” who would like to help out!

Our annual Baby Showers are on March 6th.  If your faith community would like to host a shower to benefit local pregnancy centers, it is not too late.  Please call the main office, 734-524-0162 and ask to speak with Chris.  I am attaching a flyer for the baby shower so you will know all the current locations.  Please post.

We must really get serious about selling Raffle tickets.  In light of the loss from the bus trip it is critical that we sell all 500 raffle tickets.  Please, please, spread the word and ask your friends and relatives to consider the purchase of a ticket.  While only one name may appear on a ticket, 2 or more people can share the cost of the ticket and then, if they are the lucky winner, share with each other.  This effort is extra important this year.

The Resource Book ads will also help us recoup some of our loss.  If each of you could get just one ad, we would be almost there.  Please try your best to spread the word about this too.

We are very grateful to all who sold Christmas cards.  If you weren’t able to do it this year, please try and get on the calendar at your faith community for next year.  It usually only takes one weekend and it really helps.

Love Life, Diane and Lynn

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