Hi Folks,

     Well, the sun is shining. Even if the sun is NOT shining, the sun is shining. Why?  As you all know this mailing is compiled the month before it is to be used,  so we here at the office are basking in the glow of a national election that may bring very good things to the pro-life movement.  No matter who your favorite candidate was, there are more pro-life legislators in positions to further the cause of Life than ever before, and that casts a wonderful glow!

     It does not mean that we can sit back and say ok, fix it you guys.  It will take diligence, perseverance and action on our part to make sure that campaign promises are kept and the cause of Life is moved forward.  As the months progress, we will be offering as many ways as possible to involve all of you and those in your faith communities in a renewed Pro-Life Movement.

    Lights for Life continue to be available to those who would like to remember a loved one in this special way.  I have attached the order form to this mailing so you can still send it in.

     Our buses are almost full and everyone is looking forward to an energized Movement in Motion bus trip.  Hopefully the snow will not be a problem and our young people will join their voices to the thousands of others who will March for Life.

     We have not set a date for our volunteer luncheon yet, but it will be sometime in early spring. 

     Of course, this month brings Christmas and all the family festivities that go along with it.  We would like to offer our LIFESPAN family the peace of the season and the joy that comes with the birth of the Christ Child which reminds us that each birth is designed and purposeful.

Love Life!

Diane and Lynn

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