Hi Folks,

Summer is here and the weather proves it.  I know many don’t like the warm “muggies”, but I think it is better than snow!

In light of the recent Supreme Court decision that once again saw the justices unwilling to enact even the most reasonable of safeguards for women seeking abortions, we have had calls here in the office asking why we don’t just quit fighting what seems like a forever losing cause.

It is indeed, discouraging, realizing that the justices will protect their sacred cow of abortion against all threats, but the questioners don’t really know what they are asking.

How can we abandon the teen aged girl who is terrified about becoming a mom, finishing her education, loss of her boyfriend, disappointment of her parents, and shame of her peers to a decision that will be with her for the rest of her life?  How can we only offer a woman the choice to kill her child if she is poor, unemployed, abused, in need of medical care and housing?  They will forever ask themselves why? what if? They will remember the child that was lost when they have a child they will keep; they will remember the day; they will never forget.  We know this to be true because young girls and women have told us so.  Too often we hear them say, “I didn’t think I had a choice”.  We can help her—there are more than 3000 pro-life pregnancy centers and fewer than 750 abortion centers.  She does have a choice.  Her baby can live. She can be a mom, get her education, and hold her head high as she proudly loves her child.  She can do this because we can help her do it- BUT NOT IF WE QUIT.

Why do we continue to bang our heads, and our hearts, against that seemingly impenetrable wall?  Because there are women and children and babies that need us.  They have no one else.

We will soon select our Christmas Cards for 2016 so it is not too soon to arrange a date at your faith community when you can offer them.  Some people have said that there is certain “sameness” about our selections.  That is due to a real lack of variety from the companies that make Christmas cards!  We are really asking them to give us something different that is not Santa in a martini glass!

We also have Entertainment Books here in the office.  Once again, if you purchase the 2017 book now, you get a 2016 book for free, good until November.

The loss of life in Dallas, Minnesota and Baton Rouge has left our nation battered and bruised.  Pray for healing.

Love Life!

Diane and Lynn

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