Hi Folks,

   Who else is ready for spring?  The robins in my yard seem to think it is here already, but I don’t think so!

   Thanks to all of you who participated in the baby showers in March.  The generosity of people who will never know who received their gifts, many handmade, amazes me.

   The big push is on now for our Celebrate Life Dinner and our Raffle.  The gentleman who is our speaker for May 3rd is a very funny comedian.  His presentation is appropriate for all ages, and offensive to no one—pretty rare these days.  We felt that it was time to being a little laughter to our lives.  We deal with such serious issues that it is easy to forget that lightness and laughter help carry us through less happy times.  Do come to the dinner! I am sure that you will enjoy it and it even costs less than last year! 

   We still need many items for the auction.  Ask your friends and relatives if they have any items to donate.  Also, ask them to take an ad in the Resource Book.  We always encourage our members to patronize our advertisers and the book gets quite a wide distribution.

   The $10K Raffle is also an important item.  The drawing will be at the Celebrate Life Dinner, and given the financial problems caused by having to cancel the Movement in Motion bus trip to Washington, DC, we income from the Raffle would be EXTREMELY welcome.  We are only selling 400 tickets, the prize is $10,000.  Those odds are way better than the Lottery!

   I am enclosing the form for Mother’s Day Flowers.  If you will be offering the flowers on Mother’s Day, please return you order no later than April 22nd and before if at all possible—the florist needs to know how many flowers he needs to grow!

Love Life!

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04-16 OM 1 April Church Notes Church Representative Letter 031616

04-16 OM 2 Church Notes Apr 031616

04-16 OM 3 10K Raffle Flier 031616

04-16 OM 4 Dinner Flier FebMar News v.6 012716

04-16 OM 5 Resource Book Ad Contract and Flier 2016 101215

04-16 OM 6 Carnation ORDER form 2016 WITH MAPS