Hi Folks,

As you all know, these notes are written prior to the first of each month, so it is mid-December right now (all churches have an early deadline for holidays) and Christmas is approaching and snow is falling.  What a perfect time to wish you all a joyful Christmas and a shower of blessings in the New Year.  It is also a perfect time to thank you all for everything that you do for the moms, their babies, the elderly and those with special needs.  LIFESPAN tries to keep the needs of everyone before the eyes of as many people as possible and we could not do that without each and every one of you. 

If you post our flyers, refer worried families to LIFESPAN, offer the benefits of Wee Care to pregnant women in need, share our information or support our youth programs, please know that every one of these things could mean the difference between life and death for someone.  None of us know where our words fall, or who we help, but we know the consequences of not speaking, not helping, or not supporting and they are deadly.

I know some of you were disappointed by the Christmas card results this year but no one sold as many as in previous years.  More and more people are using the internet to send greetings and many more are sending family pictures. Personally I prefer to think of our cards as a birthday card for Jesus.  So, whatever the outcome, please don’t be disappointed.  Those who wanted them bought them and those who needed to receive them as a reminder of the season got them.

This is a “raffle year” for LIFESPAN.  This year we will be sending a letter to all LIFESPAN members, telling them of the raffle and including 2 raffle tickets in the hope that they might be able to find someone, or two, who want to take a chance on $10,000!

The buses leave on the 18th for Washington DC.  Many of those who went last year are making a repeat trip this year.  These trips seem to revitalize our young people and make them true ambassadors for Life.  Thanks for all you do to support them. 

Some of your churches may have already received an ad contract for the Resource Book for our dinner on May 7th.  We are not jumping the gun here—many churches establish their budgets by the end of the year and we wanted to be included.

You might want to consider a baby shower this year.  Always on the 2nd Sunday of March, March 11th, and items collected go to area pregnancy help centers. I will attach a flyer to next month’s notes.

Happy New Year to all,

Diane, Lynn and Maria

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