What is a LIFESPAN Church Representative?

As a Church Rep, you bring the pro-life movement directly to your church members! We help you accomplish this by sending monthly Church Notes and fliers directly to you, or you can download these directly below.

What do I do to become a LIFESPAN Church Representative at my Church?

Contact your local Chapter for more information today!

        Oakland/Macomb Chapter: 248-816-1546 or oakmac@rtl-lifespan.org

        Wayne County/Downriver Chapter: 734-422-6230 or wcdr@rtl-lifespan.org

Church Notes (organized by Chapter)

Each chapter creates Church Notes on a monthly basis for their Church Representatives. These notes can be added to your weekly church bulletin and LIFESPAN also provides fliers for posting.

Oakland/Macomb County Chapter

Wayne County/Downriver Chapter