Right to Life - LIFESPAN believes that human life has value in all stages of development from conception until natural death, and is committed to speaking on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves the unborn, the aged, the incapacitated.

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COMING UP: LIFESPAN's Pro-Life Breakfast - Saturday Sept. 13, 2014 - See EVENTS for more details!!!

These events and more happen throughout the year.

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Rally for Life
March for LIFE in Washington DC
Christmas Cards
LIFE Chain
2000 Crosses
Pro-Life Breakfast
Fair and Festival Booths at local events and churches throughout the year
Legislative Updates
Bowling for LIFE
Gifts of Music Concert
"Celebration of Life" Annual Dinner
Silent Auction at the "Celebration of Life" Annual Dinner
Annual Baby Shower
Making Abortion Unthinkable Seminar

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is now available for viewing in our July Newsletter and in the EVENTS page of our site!

Right to Life - LIFESPAN, Inc. is a non-profit educational and legislative organization. The first informs and motivates people to do something. The second speaks to changing laws. LIFESPAN can take sides and urge passage of legislation which is called lobbying. LIFESPAN is not "political." LIFESPAN does not have a political action committee (PAC) to elect or to defeat candidates. However, we can publish candidate surveys. This has been clearly permitted on a number of occasions by the U.S. Supreme Court. We can also list office holders and tell you how they have voted on various issues. Such reporting, as we do it, is not "political." Because this comes under the Freedom of the Press, such information can be passed out through churches, without jeopardizing their tax status (again by a decision of the U.S. Supreme Court). According to legal terminology, this corporation can engage in "issue advocacy."

The responses to the survey questions are dependent on the honesty and integrity of the individual candidates. LIFESPAN is not responsible for any candidate's reponses that differ from his or her public stance on the issues. Any questions on discrepancies should be directed to the candidate.

Please check out the Survey in our July Newsletter or visit our EVENTS page for the survey and some additional responses that were received after the Newsletter deadline! And don't forget to vote on Tuesday, August 5, 2014!!


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